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Directly Elected President, Democratization and Party System Change: A Comparative Study on European Countries
沈有忠(Yu-chung Shen) ; 陳宥辰(You-chen Chen)


Party politics is an important issue to explain the constitutional work and consolidation of a democracy, and especially for newly democracies. If the party system would be affected by different types of constitutional systems and historical legacy, the party system should also be changed. We have three hypotheses: first, we suppose those countries with a directly elected president will have a higher probability for party system change. And the smaller parties are more likely out of parliament. Second, based on the coattail effect, countrie..

論世界貿易組織上訴機構之改革: 美國立場與歐洲聯盟應對方案之評析
On the Reform of the WTO Appellate Body: An Assessment of the United States’ Position and the European Union’s Proposals
李貴英(Catherine Li)


The dispute settlement system, often considered as the “crown jewel” of the WTO, is in a present crisis and becomes the crown of thorns. Over the past years, the United States through the use of the WTO’s consensus requirements has successfully blocked the launch of a process to select the Appellate Body members. This is carried forward by the Trump administration. With a Settlement of Disputes Understanding (DSU) requirement that appeals be heard by three AB members, with the AB membership down to zero at the present time..

歷史的終結?歐俄競爭下中東歐國家與俄國之間外交政策利益相似程度之變化 (2000~2018)
The End of History? Changes in the Degree of Foreign Policy Similarity Between 16 Central and Eastern European Countries and Russia Amid the Russia-EU Competition (2000-2018)
薛健吾(Chien-wu Alex Hsueh)

近年來,隨著歐盟和北約組織的東擴與俄國的再度興起,位處西方民主國家與俄國之間「地緣斷層線」上的中東歐國家對俄國「抗衡或扈從」 的議題又再度浮上檯面。相關文獻指出,中、小國家與大國之間的利益相似程度,是決定其對該大國選擇「抗衡或扈從」關係的關鍵前提條件,據此,本文探討在這個「地緣斷層線」上16個曾具有相似背景的前「東方集團」的中東歐國家與俄國之間在外交政策利益相似程度上的變化。以近年來在各國所發生的事件為基礎,本文發現,經濟危機和民主退化的問題, 在近年來開始威脅著這些中東歐國家的傳統政黨..

Due to the eastern expansion of EU and NATO and the resurgence of Russia under Putin’s leadership, how the Central and Eastern European fault line states chose between balancing and bandwagoning toward Russia has become a salient issue in contemporary international relations studies. This article investigates changes in the degree of policy similarity between 16 former “Eastern Bloc” Central and Eastern European States and Russia. The rationale for this study is that previous studies demonstrated that this issue is the key..

The Origins of the EU-Level FDI Screening Mechanism: Conflicts of the EU-China Industry Policies and the Challenges
葉國俊(Kuo-chun Yeh)林展暉(Chan-hui Lin)


In this paper, we argue that China’s current strategies including Made in China 2025 and Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) with large scale mergers and acquisitions are still consistent with the so-called “divide and rule” principle with respect to the European Union (EU) since 2005. Furthermore, there will be some leading and potential industries through the above approach, even though the problems of overcapacity and inefficiency still exist. On the basis of the bilateral trade and investment strategies, we a..