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China’s Cyber Power Strategy vis-à-vis the U.S. using a ‘Hedging’ Perspective
張凱銘(Kai-Ming Chang)

過去多年間,中國在網路科技領域取得了突出的建設成果,成為當代國際網路事務要角。北京當局近期更提出「網路強國」戰略,試圖全面強化國家網路實力。中國在網路領域的進取,不僅對美國的固有優勢構成挑戰,也助長了美國政府對其戰略意圖的疑慮,從而增添雙邊關係的不穩定性。為瞭解中國網路建設藍圖與對美政策立場,本文審視了「網路強國」戰略的主要內容,及美國因素在其間的影響;同時透過國際關係研究中的「避險戰略」 探討中國對美網路互動態樣,說明中國政府如何在網路事務中,同步推動對美..

China has made huge advances in the field of cyber technology in the past few years and it is now an important player in international cyber affairs. Beijing recently introduced its ‘Cyber Power Strategy’ in a bid to comprehensively strengthen the nation’s cyber capabilities. China’s cyber ambitions not only constitute a real challenge to the U.S. but have also prompted concerns in Washington about China’s strategic purpose and have more uncertainty to their already unstable bilateral relations. ..

On Taiwan’s Food Safety Governance from the Perspective of Imbalance within Rights and Liabilities Distribution: A Case Study of the Act Governing Food Sanitation
譚偉恩(Wei-En Tan)郭家瑾(Chia-Chin Kuo)


Consumers, the food industry, and the government are the main actors in the area of food safety and the embedded domain of public health. Theoretically, only by balancing power among the three actors will desired food safety be maintained, even though the three actors have different preferences. Nevertheless, the industry frequently plays the leading role in the market because of its superiority in information possession. Thus, the government usually leans toward collaborating with the industry, leaveing consumers under indus..

Hero or Hooligan? A Perspective of Structural Financial Power on Fed's Unconventional Monetary Policy
賽明成(Ming-Chen Shai)

2007-08 年爆發全球金融危機後,美聯準會(Fed)實施三輪的量化寬鬆貨幣(QE)政策以支持金融穩定與刺激經濟成長。Fed 的 QE 政策導致美元貶值,這意味持有過半美國債券作為儲備貨幣之外國官方機構(Foreign Official Institutions, FOIs),其國債部位將產生巨大之資本損失。強調新自由主義世界秩序重要性之國際政治經濟學文獻,在論述金融全球化時指出, Fed 的銀行紓困計畫對其他經濟體形成非意圖性之資本流動的外溢效果。藉由 ..

In the wake of the global financial crisis that struck the world in 2007- 08, the U.S. Federal Reserve(the Fed)has undertaken three rounds of quantitative easing(QE)in an effort to sustain financial stability and stimulate economic growth. However, the Fed’s QE policy inevitably resulted in dollar depreciation, which means a huge capital loss for foreign official institutions ( FOIs ) since FOIs hold more than half of the outstanding stock of U.S. Treasury securities as official reserve holdings. Existing International ..

Impacts of the Brexit Referendum on the United Kingdom: Political and Economic Analyses
羅至美(Chih-Mei Luo)吳東野(Tung-Yeh Wu)

英國脫離歐盟的公投意外地以過半(52%)比例通過,此舉不僅會重塑英國在世界上的位置,亦將深遠和持續影響其國內政治與經濟發展。在經濟上,公投結果已造成英鎊匯率持續下跌、商業活動減少、投資下滑與就業機會消失,尤其嚴重衝擊英國金融業。失去歐盟會員資格的情況下,倫敦金融中心恐難再維持歐元交易中心的領導地位。在政治上,如何在主張脫歐的民意與要求留歐的蘇格蘭和北愛爾蘭兩者間取得平衡,成為主政者維持聯合王國完整的最迫切挑戰。本文認為,以 1985 格陵蘭脫離歐盟為例,一國..

The UK referendum on Brexit was passed unexpectedly by a 52% majority. This result will not only reshape the UK’s place in the world but also has profound and enduring impact on the UK politics and economy. Economically, the Brexit result has caused continuing devaluation of UK sterling and declines in contracts, investment and employment. The UK financial service sectors have been affected the most. It is difficult for the City of London to maintain its position as the leading financial center of the euro without the U..