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新自由主義、兩岸貿易與企業地產金融化: 臺灣縣市與企業層級追蹤數據的實證檢驗,2000~2019
Neoliberalism, Cross-Strait Trade and Financialization in Real Estate: The Tests on the Panel Data at the County and at the Corporation-Level, 2000-2019
傅偉哲 (Wei-Che Fu)


In order to answer the question of how the cross-strait trade influence Taiwan’s housing prices, this study argues that two mechanisms mattered: first, the driving force of the market; and second, the financialization of real estate in corporations. I argue that the profitable environment of real estate was built by the government’s neoliberal policy from the 1990s due to Taiwan’s massive capital outflow to China. The environment attracted capital from cross-strait trade and resulted in many big corporations..

The Impact of the Federal System and the Electoral System on the Political Party Inclination of Voters at Different Levels of Election: An Empirical Study on the Bundestag and Baden-Württemberg Landtag Elections in Germany from 2013 to 2017
彭睿仁(Jui-Jen Peng)

在德國多層級聯邦體制和單一選區兩票聯立制(Mixed-member pro-portional representation, MMP)作用下,聯邦眾議院(Bundestag)與邦議會(Landtag)選舉,常因不同層級間之政治連結(Politikverflechtung),形成相互影響的關係。故選民常將聯邦政府的執政效能,在邦議會選舉中直接歸責於執政黨在邦層級對應的參選政黨,而邦議會選舉因此也被視為「測試性選舉」(Testwahl)。依「次級選舉」(The..

Under the influence of the German multi-level federal system and mixed- member proportional representation (MMP), the Bundestag (the Federal Parliament) and the Landtag (the Representative Assembly) elections often form interrelated and interactive relations due to the political connections (Politikverflechtung) characteristic of different government levels. Therefore, in an ongoing Landtag election, voters often directly attribute the federal government’s ruling efficiency to the ruling party’s standing counterpa..

An Empirical Assessment of the East Asian Tribute System: A Case Study of Korea 1618-1637
楊仕樂(Shih-Yueh Yang)

近 400 年來的歐洲,是主權國家平等的「西發里亞體系」,以權力平衡維繫國際秩序;近 600 年以來的東亞,則是中國為天朝而四方小國臣服的「朝貢體系」,是上下層級的國際秩序。為何會有「朝貢體系」?它為何能運作?從現實主義式的觀點來看,「朝貢體系」只是一個包裝過的權力政治,骨子裡仍是物質上的利害與效益計算,中國霸權之下區域國家抵抗無望,不得不臣服。但是,從建構主義式的觀點來看,之所以會有「朝貢體系」的國際秩序,並不只是因為中國的強大,也是因為區域國家認同中國的..

For nearly four centuries, Europe had the so-called Westphalian System of sovereign states, in which balance of power was the basis of international order. In contrast, for nearly six centuries, East Asia had the so-called “tribute system,” a hierarchical order where China was the supreme leader. Why? From a realist perspective, the tribute system was just a wrapper over power politics based on material calculations of interest and benefit: East Asian countries had no choice but submission to China’s hegemon..

Inter-Level Ticket Splitting: A Study of the Taipei County Elections in 2005
林長志(Chang-Chih Lin)黃紀(Chi Huang)

本文旨在探討台北縣選民在 2005 年縣長與鄉鎮市長兩個不同層級選舉中的一致與分裂投票行為。本研究的重點在強調:欲瞭解選民於不同層級選舉中的投票行為,不但要關注各個層級選舉影響因素的異同,更需考量到兩項公職同時選舉時可能產生的相互影響。因此在本文中,除概述台北縣選民在這兩種選舉中的一致與分裂投票情形之外,亦嘗試以隨機效用(random utility)理論,推演兼顧上述兩個特性的雙變數「聯立式機率單元模型」 (simultaneous equations p..

This article examines the first ever simultaneous local elections of county and township magistrates in Taiwan in December, 2005. We argue that in order to fully understand the voting choices in simultaneous inter-level elections scholars need to take account not only those factors affecting each level’s election but also the interactions between different levels. There are two competing theories concerning the flow of causal influences, i.e., the bottom-up mass mobilization hypothesis and the top-down coat-tail effect ..